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The Decision

Why I'm Running for Sheriff...

I'm running because Travis County deserves better!!!

As a 25-year member of TCSO, I had the honor to work for Sheriff's Doyne Bailey, Margo Frasier, and Greg Hamilton. These leaders fostered a family environment with strong leadership, honor and respect-for-the-law. The incumbent has arguably, caused the morale of the 1,800 employees of TCSO to reach an all-time low, even comparing her employees to slave labor (see "Slave Comparison" video in "Meet the Incumbent"). 

I have the integrity, leadership experience, knowledge of TCSO, and humility to return TCSO to the transparent, accountable, and respectable law enforcement agency that Travis County deserves!!

Unseating an incumbent is certainly an uphill battle and takes more than just a more-qualified candidate. It takes hard work, educating voters, and lots of money!! 

I humbly ask that you consider financially supporting this campaign and spreading the word to Travis County voters that John Loughran is the most qualified candidate!!! 

Giving Back... a WWII Veteran... a Vietnam Veteran...
…to the community!!!
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